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Official Selection of the Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival!

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Sci Fi London 2019 - World Premiere


“His ultimate dilemma... is deftly handled and moving, ensuring that Hossain's 'one last job' scenario, for all its futurist gizmos (temple phones, paralytic implants, etc), stays down to earth.”

- Anton Bitel, Sight & Sound


“There’s a quiet poeticism to the whole film.…builds to a finish that will stay with you for a long time to come.” -FilmEra


“With After We Leave, writer and first-time director Aleem Hossain gives us a film where any sci-fi trappings are only lightly used, and at times it’s possible to almost forget that you aren’t watching a wholly conventional drama, which is a testament to just how strong the storytelling is.”


“As he’s in almost every scene, it’s down to Brian Silverman to carry the movie as the troubled and regretful Jack. Silverman exudes frustration, incredulity and barely contained rage in a great performance, which helps sustain the uncertainty about how Jack’s quest will play out, right up until the poignant, satisfying finale.”

- Starburst Magazine